Why Choose Kenda® Kikuyu Turf?

Kenda® Kikuyu Doesn’t Seed Like Common Kikuyu

Kenda® Kikuyu Turf is very different to common Kikuyu and other new breeds of Kikuyu. Common Kikuyu and seeded types regularly produce viable seed, which can spread into your garden beds and other areas of your yard where you don’t want it. These seed heads can also cause problems for you if you have allergies.

Kenda® turf was bred to be predominantly cytoplasmic male sterile, meaning it is less likely to produce functional anthers, pollen, or male gametes. The fact that it is far less likely to produce seed means that birds are less likely to attack your Kenda® lawn and spread the seed to your gardens. Common Kikuyu is often attacked by Galahs and other birds that chew the seed from the base, and can leave the lawn in a real mess. Kenda® Kikuyu Turf is a much safer option.
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It’s Tough, Drought And Wear Tolerant

Kenda® Kikuyu is a greatly improved, fast establishing form of Kikuyu turf with great drought and wear tolerance. It is a low cost turf option with great winter colour and doesn’t seed like common Kikuyu. It is not recommended around gardens that don’t have hard edges, but if you have a large dog or kids, Kenda® turf is a good high wear tolerance option.
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More Uniform, Beautiful And…

Kenda® Kikuyu grows more horizontally than vertically, meaning it will be at a smaller height than other Kikuyu turf when unmown. Kenda® turf is more uniform and has a denser appearance than common Kikuyu. Kikuyu, like Couch, needs regular mowing or it will get untidy and thin out. Kenda® turf seems to be denser than the common form when left unmown, making it a more uniform and beautiful Kikuyu.

Kenda® turf has shown to be more field resistant to Kikuyu yellows disease, probably because of its more vigorous growth. During trials, Kenda® turf also appeared to have much better winter colour than the common form of Kikuyu.
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Has 4 Times The Rhizomes Of Common Kikuyu

Kenda® Kikuyu turf is the only one with extra large prostrate runners, and has 4 times as many rhizomes as common Kikuyu. The vastly accelerated horizontal and underground growth of Kenda® Kikuyu surprisingly does not lead to more mowing. Its leaf growth and upward growth is similar to other types, but this rapid functional crosswise growth does provide it with big advantages:

  1. Much quicker recovery from wear, especially from the abundant rhizomes.
  2. More vegetative mass to wear out in the first place.
  3. Deep abundant underground growth allows it to survive far longer droughts.
  4. Better turf rolls—no more netting required for the farmers to get it to hold together.
  5. Quicker establishment.

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The Pros And Cons Of Kenda® Kikuyu Turf…


  • Good disease tolerance.
  • Great winter colour compared to most other grasses.
  • Less vertical growth if left unmown for a period.
  • Its lack of seed compared to common Kikuyu makes it much safer and greatly reduces the chance of invasion into neighboring bushland, gardens and neighbors lawns.
  • Kenda® turf is beautiful. Many have commented that with its dark green colour and leaf texture, it resembles a well maintained Tall Fescue lawn.
  • Less turf replacement required for sporting ovals.


  • Kenda® Kikuyu is very fast across the ground, so it will run into gardens a little faster, but Kikuyu in general is a poor choice for people with lots of gardens that do not have good hard edges. All Kikuyu types are aggressive near gardens. Buffalo lawns and Empire™ Turf are a better choice for this.
  • Like other Kikuyu types, Kenda® turf is not good in shade. Buffalo and Zoysia types are better. Kenda® turf prefers full sun, or at the most light shade.
  • Kenda® turf, like other Kikuyu, will need more mowing than Couch, Buffalo and Zoysia, but this is probably why it is so popular for high wear areas.

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Your Best Uses For Kenda® Kikuyu Turf

Residential: Kenda® turf is great for sunny home lawns that require the ultimate in wear recovery. E.g. dogs, kids playing in backyard, lots of backyard parties.

Commercial: Kenda® Kikuyu is suited to most sporting facilities that require a turf which will perform under the duress of extreme wear and at the same time stay far greener in winter than any couch. Eg; Football fields, golf courses, race tracks, schools, and parks. For high profile, high maintenance sporting venues the density of a sports couch type like Stadium® Couch would be much better than a Kikuyu. The standard council oval will greatly benefit from Kenda® Kikuyu turf.
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Where To Buy Kenda Kikuyu Turf?

Click Here To find a Kenda® Kikuyu turf grower in your area
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