Kenda® Kikuyu Turf Testimonials

See what people have to say about Kenda® Kikuyu Turf.

Sporting Facilities

“The new Kikuyu turf variety used on our B Grass at Warwick Farm has been very successful and has shown very good qualities such as strong and good root system, good colour and strong and vigorous growth with no seed head. As we cut at 4.5 inches leaving the grass quite high it has responded well to this and is a variety of Kikuyu that we would certainly use again.”
Wayne Hawley, Royal Randwick & Warwick Farm Racecourse.


“Nice and thick and lush green, we will be ordering 700 sq metres more once the season is over.”
Drago, Sydney United.


Turf Growers

“When I bought this property, unbeknown to me a 10,000 square metre section of the property was prone to kikuyu yellows. It was only after I had taken possession of the farm that the employees told me they had not harvested that area for some years because of the problem.
I wanted to replant another 16,000 metres of Kikuyu in the adjoining section, and after some research I decided to replant it all with your Kenda. We sprayed out and rotary hoed the whole area three times before replanting with your Kenda.
We have nearly finished harvesting all of the original ‘yellows’ area and have not had any sign of ‘yellows’ at all, and are very impressed with the way the rolls cut and the quicker re-growth
of Kenda.”
Denis Fawell, Herons Creek Turf Farm.


“Fast covering and excellent winter colour.”
Jimmy Deale, True Blue Turf.


“We at Green Acres Instant Lawn are very happy with the Kenda Kikuyu. It was line planted on November 4th 2010 and then we started its first harvest on 4th April 2011. To get Kikuyu to harvest in 5 months in our climate is very good and the best that we have done. With Common Kikuyu it usually takes 7 - 8 months before we can harvest. We are also very happy with its winter and summer colour and mows up very well also. We mow it at 18mm in height which gives it a very tight leaf. Overall we are very happy with Kenda Kikuyu and we will be planting more in the spring.”
Anthony Gallenti, Green Acres Instant Lawn.


“Kenda has proven to show stronger and more vigorously growing runners, resulting in a quicker establishment period.”
Jonathan, Rivers Edge Turf.


“From planting to cutting good quality sod in just five months, a great result for our Melbourne based farm.”
George Sandic, Aust Seed and Turf Farm P/L.