For the Home Owner

Incredibly wear tolerant. Kenda® turf is often used to play footy on, so you know it will handle the kids and dogs. It’s better than Buffalo and Couch when there is a lot of wear.

Green, green, green. No other warm climate turf comes close to Kenda® Kikuyu when it comes to remaining green in winter. Kenda® turf is far more winter active. In the warm months, it has a natural dark green colour, far better than common Kikuyu, Buffalo and Couch.

Adaptable.  Kenda® Kikuyu will grow well on most soil types, even performing better on poor soils than other Kikuyu. In homes that have a lot of shade, Buffalo turf types are better than Kenda® turf, but in full sun or light shade, Kenda® turf will take beating and will bounce back, looking dark green all year round in most parts of Australia.

Keep out those pesky weeds. Kenda® turf grows dense and vigorously enough to make it hard for weeds to invade. Kenda® Kikuyu was bred to be predominantly cytoplasmic male sterile, meaning it is less likely to produce functional anthers, pollen, or male gametes. The fact that it is far less likely to produce seed means that birds are less likely to attack your Kenda® turf and spread the seed to your gardens. Common Kikuyu is often attacked by Galahs and other birds that chew the seed from the base, and can leave the lawn in a real mess. Play it safe with Kenda® Kikuyu turf.