Characteristics Of Kikuyu Grass

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Kikuyu grass has been highly popular as a lawn in many environments in Australia for decades. It is inexpensive to purchase, requires minimal lawn care to remain healthy, and grows and repairs quickly. However, lawn mowing frequencies will be higher than for any other turf species, often requiring lawn mowing every week in summer, as well as requiring regular vertimowing to remove thatch build up. Kikuyu grass is also highly invasive of surrounding garden beds.

Kikuyu lawn is widely used as the first choice for many community sporting ovals and schools in many states, the reasons for this choice are the same as listed in the attributes just mentioned, but the primary reason for this lawn choice is its quick repair capabilities, required by the oval's use as a sporting venue or play area.

There is an equal, if not greater objection to Kikuyu as their are proponents. Despite being widely used by Governments in Australia for sporting areas, Kikuyu grass is generally listed as a Noxious Weed, not only in Australia, but in many countries throughout the world.

This reputation is generally deserved, as Kikuyu lawn is highly invasive of its surrounding areas. It can creep over the top of, and cover other plants, killing them not only by removing its sunlight, but also by invading its root zone and emitting a toxicity to aid in killing its rivals.

While Kikuyu lawns are loved by some and loathed by others, Kikuyu still has a place as a domesticated turf in places such as sporting venues. For home owners, it should perhaps best be left to fade into history. With many far greater choices available for homes, there really is no need for this turf to be used any more.

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